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elliottebristol's Journal

Author of Sincerely Yours

Elliotte Bristol
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To My Readers:
I created this blog in order to track the progress of my most recent, completed novel, Sincerely Yours, as well as to track the progress of future endeavours. Though I'm first year at university, I hope to find the time to blog regularly in order to keep readers updated on my journey through to publication. Thank you for dropping by. Your support is appreciated.

E. Bristol

“The thing about humanity is that people have the tendency to linger in the past but to subsist in the future; hardly anyone anymore concentrates on the present – what’s happening in this moment, with this breath and this heartbeat. Ten minutes – fifteen – an hour from now, it’s not going to matter what I say. What’s going to matter is the life I leave behind and the future I could have had. Everything I’ve ever done, from my first steps to my last breath, it’s either going to be a documented cold case or later remembered in the legacy of Quinlan Riley Keller. That’s the way a suicide tends to work”.

Take your average teenager. Factor in psychotic tendencies. Scramble up some anger and resentment towards a sickening past of his father’s sexual, physical and mental torment and you’ll have eighteen-year-old Quinlan Keller, who lives on the border of a small town nowhere. Often shoved aside in his mother’s constant quest to steal the spotlight, he attempts to upstage her by committing to an act of suicide. Failing, however, he learns that a suicide attempt is a reason to isolate its encumbered victim – unless you are his rescuer.

“I need to talk with him, learn more about him. I need to help him, save him, show him that there’s more to life than whatever he could possibly be going through. Maybe because we all hurt, because I hurt, because even though I’ve never been in a hospital, never contemplated ending it, I can still be as supportive as someone who has.”

Sixteen-year-old Heidi Moore is attracted to Quinn, whose rebellious ways offset her conservative upbringing. Pity – or perhaps compassion – motivates her to approach him, and she finds they’re more compatible than she could ever have imagined. But she soon finds herself trapped in a vicious cycle of physical, mental and emotional abuse, becoming isolated from the support of friends and family and finding herself alone in the torrential cyclone of Quinn’s mistreatment. Heidi quickly learns that though she’s her only saviour, love will be her downfall.

Sincerely Yours invites you to view this rampant relationship from the perspective of the victim – and her abuser.

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MSN: elliottebristol@hotmail.co.uk
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